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Meet Monique


Monique Gladden has been a Registered Nurse for 17 years, and is a Certified Case Manager (CCM). She
has worked in roles of cardiac, medical surgical and directed several programs for a fortune 200
organization within the scope of Case Management and Population Health. Monique has developed a
myriad of programs from Healthy Lifestyle Programs, addressing behavior change and removing social
barriers to care for those with Chronic Disease, Enhanced Maternal Care Programs, award winning
Palliative Care programs, Monique has specialized training in the areas of Improvement Science, and
Holistic Health care. Monique has a strong passion and innate desire to assist and serve individuals to
heal from the things that impact their entire body system from head to toe: internally, mentally and
physically. This passion has birthed Mozen Blends holistic health, where western ailments are treated
using natural herbal supplements, tinctures and balms. Monique is a mother of 4 and wife, and has lived
by the philosophy that The Most High has provided us all with every herb and healthy lifestyle
instructions that give us balance and Life. Thus Mozen means Balance in Hebrew. A divine purpose to
help bring healthy balance to the lifestyle of all.

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